Smurf Emancipation Day #2: SMURFATAR

Mr Cao had always been told that Smurfs were happy as part of the harmonious Gargamao Empire. When he leaves the Gargamao Empire to study at an overseas university however, he searches the uncensored internet and finds the world isn’t really as the Gargamao Empire were saying – in the real world, Gargamao troops were destroying the Smurf way of life!!!

Mr Cao puts on the yellow Twibbon of resistance in solidarity!

To find out what Smurfs are really like, Mr Cao visits the exiled Smurf leader, Papa Smurf, who turns out to be a really nice Smurf. Papa Smurf tells Mr Cao that people inside the Gargamao Empire have the truth hidden from them on the internet but if he uses the Smurfatar machine, he’ll be able to use a remote controlled character to sneak into the Smurf Village and see the true Smurf plight.

Mr. Cao uses the Smurfatar machine to enter the real world where Gargamao propaganda is no longer effective. His virtual self is Caonima and he is soon greeted by Smurfs, who fly the banned Smurf flag in his honour.

But evil Gargamao troops are watching! They are strongly opposed to Smurfs and Gargamao citizens forming alliances!

The Gargamao tanks spread into the Smurf Village in huge numbers. Caonima and the Smurfs watch in concern but they still fly their flags in defiance!

The Gargamao forces are too large and the Smurfs are unarmed. The troops stage a brutal crackdown and burn the Smurf Village to the ground, killing many Smurfs and their beloved Magical Flying Yaks.

Caonima decides the Gargamao occupation of the Smurf Village has gone on too long and vows to stand with his Smurf friends. Caonima resolves to find a way to stop the Gargamao tanks.

So Caonima courageously stands in front of the tanks before more Smurf and Magical Flying Yak lives are lost. The tanks cannot get through. Scared of killing their own people, they retreat from the Smurf Village.

Caonima and the Smurfs defeated the evil Gargamao forces by working together! Now they’re all free! Mr Cao decides to stay in the Smurf Village and wear his Twibbon forever. They have a massive party in joyous celebration!

Meanwhile, the Gargamao surveillance team sense trouble ahead for the Shanghai Expo where the Gargamao Propaganda Department are planning to showcase a “Heavenly Smurf Village”.

Caomina and the Smurfs have clearly turned into a force too powerful for the Gargamao Empire…what will happen next?


2 Responses to “Smurf Emancipation Day #2: SMURFATAR”

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  2. Tenchoe Says:

    Been waiting for this. Good one!

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