Smurfs at Shanghai Expo – Time for SmurfNima!

The biggest battle for the Smurfs ever is coming this May. Now that Caonima has joined forces with the Smurfs, they will be an unstoppable force to rally against Gargamao’s empire of evil that requires no other axis. Already through their extensive research, SmurfNima has managed to uncover classified information that the harmless looking mascot of Shanghai Expo, Haibao, is actually the evil conduit of Gargamao!!!

Check back here over the Expo period for SmurfNima adventures vs. “Haibao”. For those wanting to know the answers to the most pressing questions about Haibao (does he even have a buttcrack?) and Haibao’s true identity, SmurfNima will deliver! May the force be with our Smurfs!!



“Smurfatar” on YouTube!!

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