Smurfs at Shanghai Expo or “Leaving Smurfs Behind”

Well, we were promised a showdown in Shanghai. After the “Smurfatar” episode, the intrepid smurfs have joined forces with Caonima and are taking on Haibao, the evil blue conduit of the Gargamao empire… This is their Shanghai Expo adventure…

After hearing that their brother smurf has been captured by the evil Gargamao and put on show for propaganda purposes in the so-called Heavenly Smurf Village Pavilion – an utter misnomer – an undercover smurf film crew sets off on a perilious journey to free their freedom-fighting brother smurf.

This is their brother smurf in the Heavenly Smurf Village Pavilion, trapped by the evil Gargamao stooge “Haibao”, just waiting to be freed.

To their surprise, the smurf film crew stumble upon the UK paviliion – they stop to get a close-up shot of the nation who once played an important role in Smurfville.

Smurfette wants a shot with the UK pavilion in the background… and Papa Smurf is simply everywhere!!!

Still on the search for their brother smurf, the smurfs stop by the Danish pavilion to see their idol Ai Wei Wei’s art installation. Maybe they can enlist the help of Ai Wei Wei’s people to help find their brother…

DANGER!!! The smurfs get caught by one of the secret Gargamao surveillance cameras planted inside the Danish pavilion and disguised as a Chinese-made plastic light tube!

It’s too late, the smurfs have been rumbled and Gargamao has sent his low-life henchman “Haibao” underwater to invite the smurfs to “drink tea”.

At the “tea ceremony” with Gargamao’s security forces, the smurfs keep their cool and bravely carry on filming despite the grave dangers they face.

Fortunately, the smurf on watch outside the Danish pavilion had at once sent the signal via vuvuzela for Caonima’s help.

Caonima hears he is being summoned and goes to the meeting place for the Expo ticket exchange to take place.

Caonima immediately sneaks into the so-called Heavenly Smurf Village Pavilion to execute the rescue operation he had learned at a recent activist training camp for grass mud horses!

Caomina and the smurfs daringly work to expose what is happening despite being trapped in the Expo

Meanwhile a smurf manages to escape to safety with the hours and hours of “Leaving Smurfs Behind” footage!!!

This final pic has been added because Haibao looks so much like Towlie from South Park

So thanks to Caonima, brother smurf has been rescued and the world has been able to watch the documentary made at great risk by the smurfs. But a group of smurfs has indeed been left behind…they were “drinking tea” …  how will it end? Stay tuned for more Smurf adventures in Asia!

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