Smurf Emancipation Day #3: SmurfyLeekx

The Smurf Bomb has Leeked and Leaked!! This year’s Smurf Emancipation Day has been marked by incredible events! Smurfs from all over the world went on a Heavy Metal Mission and we got all the cables exclusively leaked and leeked!

This year our smurfs are rocking harder than Gargamao’s D – O – DOUBLE – G Propaganda, yet again!

Check the very exclusive Documentation HERE:

Check out the individual Leekx if you still can’t believe what has happened in Smurfville!!!!!




2 Responses to “Smurf Emancipation Day #3: SmurfyLeekx”

  1. Gabriel Says:

    Garga-malware has failed to prevent Smurfs from resisting Gargamao’s rule!

  2. Our She-ro ⁄╲⁄╲ A Ү ⁄╲ Tweets Us About Ai Weiwei! « Smurfs Will Be Free! Says:

    […] A Ү ⁄╲ is not only our She-Ro and girl crush, she also inspired our new creation SmurfyLeekx via her awesome and incomprehensible Vicki Leekx – the soundtrack to the smurf […]

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