SmurfyLeekx on Tumblr: Free Ai Weiwei


Our She-ro ⁄╲⁄╲ A Ү ⁄╲ Tweets Us About Ai Weiwei!

Did this really happen!? Smurfs are still in shock! Smurf She-Ro and all round BADASS /\/\/\Y/\ sent us a tweet tonight!

⁄╲⁄╲ A Ү ⁄╲ is not only our She-Ro and girl crush, she also inspired our new creation SmurfyLeekx via her awesome and incomprehensible Vicki Leekx – the soundtrack to the smurf day!

All hail /\/\/\Y/\! All hail Ai Weiwei! Fuck CCP!

New SmurfyLeekx B O M B – For Ai Weiwei! Join in!!

Chinese artist and rights advocate Ai Weiwei was detained again by Chinese authorities on Sunday. This is his photo of his gesture to the CCP. This week, support him by taking a photo of yourself doing a ‘Weiwei salute’ at something symbolising the CCP – send us the photo ( ) and we’ll put it on the special tumblr page!

(It can be Mao, Hu, CCP soliders, anything- just remember we’re against the Chinese state, not Chinese culture! And don’t forget to give the ‘salute’!)

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